French Town’s local nature themed social bulletin is a social bulletin for continuous viewing online and we plan to occasionally mail printed copies to subscribers via local postal mail.

Within me Redux

within yon bush there lies a stem; more even further, still therein; yet another n many others… but then, there are no more still here’s a leaf I must implore you to look even further, ’til you will discover upon the stems rest several others, then step back a ways with a hush there alights […]

once only

once only upon a time I’ve heard so many times along the way yet with time we repeat the words echoing distant voices say for once alone is quite absurd as those words echo away reminders that words are lies tis’ not the final result portrayed lest we forget what time has past only once […]

tis’ been a while

tis been a while since I’ve sat n’ wrote about nothing in particular I’d say so here I’ll catch up within this note altho nothing in particular is happening today the sun thru my window invites me across the windy bridge a path awaits the turtles n’ frogs I’ll want to see I should leave […]


We each don’t reach enough. By that I mean that we confine ourselves both physically and mentally to what we know, are familiar with, feel comfortable with, is safe and is predictable. Reaching in and out takes effort … it’s a mindset … which means you can do it right this moment. No waiting for […]