once only

once only upon a time I’ve heard so many times along the way yet with time we repeat the words echoing distant voices say for once alone is quite absurd as those words echo away reminders that words are lies tis’ not the final result portrayed lest we forget what time has past only once […]

the window and me

the window and me above the roof peaks that surround me beyond the tops of leaf shorn trees me the ragged clouds each day inform me silently fluffy whispery breezy meezy inspired by nothing I stare at my wrinkled hand me my faithful abby sits waiting besides me wanting pleading for her usual love me […]


  As we sit here and wait perchance some one will call; then perhaps they’re too busy for us two after all; so you sit and preen as I sip my tea slowly; with eyes closed I can dream, my sweet precious abby, perhaps some one will come to visit and chat; tho we two […]


… inspirationnam within a dream of many contained mysterious swirling clouds remained a face that seemed familiar still not one I knew that is until I remembered a day so long ago twas an eternity if could be so then filled with sunlight my eyes were blinded of many good things at once reminded a […]

Black is back

Black is back Snuggies, huggies, buggies and more – what you don’t want, lots of waste galore what doesn’t fit does not really matter, as shoppers converge angry mobs start to gather, ’tis not the gift but the thought or so we are told but that story is stale and has grown VERY old; when […]


In a city that will never bee scene near an ocean that will never have bean by a hut on a bitch that shall never be rich the loud waves crash incest-aunt-lee as each they width the dawn on the sand deer is drawn a message that no one will sea inn my dreams each […]

The buoy n the flee

a boy and a flea sat down to read twas odd to sea while along the brook a frog and a beetle chewed licorice twas odd indeed as a pink cloud looked down and the wind whistled till the sun did frown and dose below looked up end staired as the moon towards dusk moo’ed […]


tis a short story one warm day in October, twas in the Sun’s glory there were Ladies all over. Red, orange ‘n black spotted dots on their backs, in my garden they swarmed, on head, shirt, ‘n both arms! Brushed off then alarmed, then amused, I stepped back ‘n watched upwards they flew up, down […]

Within me

within a quiet bush there lies a stem and even further still therein lies another n many others… then there are no more yet here’s a leaf and I will implore you look even further ’til you discover upon the stems rest several others then step away for with a hush alights from sky upon […]