We each don't reach enough.

By that I mean that we confine ourselves both physically and mentally to what we know, are familiar with, feel comfortable with, is safe and is predictable.

Reaching in and out takes effort ... it's a mindset ... which means you can do it right this moment. No waiting for results.

So let's give it a try by example ...

First be aware that reaching can be applied to everything and anything.

Let's say your daily trip to the local convenience store ...  if you walk or drive or bicycle or have a choice than start by doing all three ... you could also jog or use a pogo stick!!

Anyway ... that illustrates just how much reaching you can do ... there are no limits  ... not even the stars.

Here is a common reach I recommend .... most of us don't write letters in this world of email ... write a letter to someone you love or are thinking about ...  it could be an email but a nice envelope and colorful postage stamp reach out and touch the recipient ....

There are so many reaches I'd like some stories from you to publish here on Star Glitter .....