the window and me


the window and me
above the roof peaks that surround me
beyond the tops of leaf shorn trees me
the ragged clouds each day inform me
silently fluffy whispery breezy meezy
inspired by nothing I stare at my wrinkled hand me
my faithful abby sits waiting besides me
wanting pleading for her usual love me
as I wait for sun rays to visit me
I hear the twirling sounds of winds me
gusty blustery whistley chilly me
as thru the window of my mind thoughts wander me
wonderfully wandering thoughts that delight me
for down by the river across the bridge me
a path awaits me on which I’ll walk me
a sweater, wool gloves, my favorite scarf me
abby gurgles as I’m rising, her loving eyes embrace me
then one last look out my window before leaving me
coral atlas