In a city that will never bee scene
near an ocean that will never have bean
by a hut on a bitch
that shall never be rich
the loud waves crash incest-aunt-lee
as each they width the dawn
on the sand deer is drawn
a message that no one will sea
inn my dreams each knew knight
twil awaken with light
seeking to hastily write
lingering thoughts of dreams memoir-ease
quickly one then anutter
end den sew manly utters
thoughts ablaze shining bright

end width cull-ores delight
dreams flea back inn-two knight
Eye am shorely thee own-lee won hue

as each they breaks inn sigh-lance anew
seas eye-deers rise, den take flight

hears eternity sing while
in nightfall moon beams

a-pond darkness knot dreams
As each message is born
width the light of knew mourn
words are written fore ownly the sea
Awl a-loan inn the sand
lie my memories first bourne
this is, was, end now forever shall be