Within me

within a quiet bush there lies a stem
and even further still therein
lies another n many others… then
there are no more
yet here’s a leaf
and I will implore you
look even further
’til you discover
upon the stems rest several others
then step away
for with a hush alights from sky
upon the bush in silent flutter
a sparkling jewel delights the eye
sunlit wings in autumn red
orange n yellow
with sunlit colors a butterflys
above my head flit even more
much larger wings a handsome fellow
an eagle slowly in quite soars
while beyond the bird above so regale
a cool breeze whistles n sings
yond distant bell in silence rings
it matters little for most,
but for me,
I can only hear what I feel and see
but even more for life is kind
no need for sorrow in my plight
much more than wonderful
within my mind
the silent secrets kept
in sheer delight
and treasures that will unfold
within a quiet bush there lies a stem
more stories that shall go untold
for even deeper still, within
lies another n many, many others,
I am no more